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David Kira – Hold

Some of you may remember David Kira from his ‘Heroes’ episodes, a series of mixes dedicated to some of his music inspirations including, Ulrich SchnaussThe Orb and The Future Sound of London.
Alongside his train-spotting and music swotting of such aforementioned greats, David has also been busy producing. Released last month, ‘Hold’ is the follow-up to ‘La pluie dans mon monde‘ which I never got around to posting about and included several stunning tracks including ‘El largo sol rojo‘ (which I was desperate to use in my mix for Modyfier but never made fit).
As the subtitle suggests, ‘Hold’ is David’s most ambient work to date and adopts a rich, layered approach with teasing, evolving melodies. Gentle echoes and reverb create light atmospheres on each track, complimenting a multitude of tinkering pianos and synths.
This stuff is sitting right on the verge of the ambient electronica normally associated with the likes of Winterlight and in ‘Gea’, you can really start to hear one of David’s more obvious influences – Ulrich Schnauss.
The mini-album is a ‘name your price’ download and quite frankly, any melodic ambient lover would be stupid to pass this up. Available to preview below or download from David Kira’s Bandcamp.
A Strangely Isolated Place is a music site/blog dedicated to bringing you mixes, music features and reviews of classic, new, unheard and unearthed ambient and electronica musicians, producers and DJ’s.
The site was set up in August 2008 and is run by me, your dedicated host, Ryan Griffin. Originally established as a dumping ground for all the music I listened to and wanted to go back to over time, the site has now progressed to an awesome community of people who regularly read, listen and interact with the music posted (I can’t thank you all enough) and in some ways, still remains that musical dumping ground…
The isolatedmix series has been the backbone for the site since day one, when the man behind the inspired title of the site, Ulrich Schnauss, contributed a very special mix. Since then, the series has continued to grow. By invitation only, I’ve managed to persuade some of my biggest inspirations to contribute and this ethos will hopefully continue as my horizons and heroes exponentially grow.
The site has (and always will be) advert/sponsor free, which of course means everything you see here, has stemmed from my own passion and help with a little help from a few of you guys along the way. If you would like to see the site grow even more and would consider contributing/donating, please do so here, (thank you!)
There’s plenty coming in the not too distant future too including more very special mixes, an ASIP iPhone application and something I’m really excited about; an ASIP release series. If you would like to get involved, please have a read here, and get in touch.
Alternatively, if you would like to submit your music production or mix for consideration, send it over. Please note, I don’t really do reviews as such, as I only really post about the music I enjoy and believe you guys will too. I do my best to reply to everyone who contacts me, but please accept my apologies if on the rare occasion I don’t get back to you.
You can find ASIP on Twitter @asipFacebookGoogle+SoundcloudFlickr and official.fm.
Feel free to drop me an email and introduce yourself and of course thanks for listening.
Ryan at astrangelyisolatedplace dotcom


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