A Strangely Isolated Place

David Kira – Hold Some of you may remember David Kira from his ‘Heroes’ episodes, a series of mixes dedicated to some of his music inspirations including, Ulrich Schnauss, The Orb and The Future Sound of London. – Alongside his train-spotting and music swotting of such aforementioned greats, David has also been busy producing. Released last month, ‘Hold’ is the

Lado B Radio Show

Lado B radio program present by Pedro Esteves (Lado B – Facebook – Tumblr) Mixtape 2 Listen Soundcloud Open song “El largo sol rojo” La pluie dans mon monde (Lp) by David Kira   Tracklist: David Kira – el largo sol rojo (la pluie dans mon monde)  Meredith Bragg – second golden age (nest) A

Ferencias Radio Show

Ferencias Radio present the program: “Toda sonrisa recibe una sonrisa” Culture Nature in tracklist. Bonobo- The Plug Archive – Parvaneh (ButterFly) Connie Francie – Siboney Encre – Plexus Portishead – Sassafrass (Plaid Mix) Y Society – Never Off (On & On) (Instrumental) David Kira – Culture Nature + Krishnammurti – Sobre el miedo Mitchell Akiyama

London Diaries

Created and directed by Anna Bianco Opening title music by Annawhity (Myspace – Facebook) Motion Graphics by Florian Contegreco Includes parts of songs by David Kira, album “La pluie dans mon monde“ on John’s Diary Episode #3 ; “Dr.Jason & Mr.Jack” – (01:18) “Human States” – (09:16) London June 2011 Copyright Anna Bianco ® 2011 LONDON DIARIES (Facebook – Youtube) London Diaries is a web